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The Moscow-based female band Magic came to life in September of 1999 due to some friendly support of a guy known as the stepfather of Rock'n'Roll Music In The USSR Alik Sikorsky, the ex-Staraya Gvardia (Old Guardian) frontman.
The professional skill and concomitant drive which makes it quite easier for female genre exponents to concur the audience while capturing its strong love and affection lead the girls to this unique status of rock and roll predators.
The repertory they use is exclusively represented by the English language cover versions for the basic rock and roll, hard rock, blues rock etc. rock-oriented musical numbers.

The Magic band are bearing the basic features as follows:

***  Brilliant four-piece vocal harmonizing made possible due to Sophie Yourchenko effort, someone being called the golden asset of the Magic girl group, playing keyboards and doing vocals (previously sang in some Radio&TV choir lead by a certain Muscovite Mr.Popov);

***  Magnificent playing techniques and virtuoso skills of the heavy rock diva by the name of Natalie Terehova, guitar, vocals (the ex-LAMIA band girl from the city of Alma-Ata of the years 1987 to 1995, the ex-FEMALE DESEASE, a Moscow-based band of the years 1995 to 1997 and the ex-MOTO-HOOLIGANS, Moscow, the year 1997 to 1999);

***  Solid base and powerful energy of a fragile and affectionate girl Natalie Malishevskaya, bass, vocals (the ex-MUSCOVITES and GIRL'S GIMNASION, THE BABY-GIRLS, a band from Moscow);

P.S. They do it with some authentic female sincerity and some unconventional presicion.

Within the MAGIC band all the lead vocalists and drummer are the live-session musicians.

1. Double CD of Russian guitarist Natalie Terehova is out now. It represents her 1989-2004 works collection.
   First CD contains entirely Natalia own's compositions (Lamia and solo in hard-rock style).
   Second one is about different projects in whish she had participated: Motohooligans (rock), Zhenskaya Bolezn (trash-punk), V. Chernyshov (rock) and A. Losev (Stas Namin's band Zvety).
   You can find whole tracklist here: title-terehova.html

2. Female rock-n-roll band MAGIC released its live CD «Sleep'nRock». This CD consists of 17 songs from 1999-2002 years.
   More info is on MAGIC's home-page: titul.html
You can order all these CDs through internet using WebMoney:
   One disk is 140 roubles (with postal expenses)
   Correlation to
   Rouble - 140 WMR
   USD - 28 WMR for 1 WMZ (for 1 disk 5 WMZ)
   EUR - 37 WMR for 1 WMU (for 1 disk 3,7 WMU)

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This is where you listen to the recorded MAGIC stuff in МР3 format and Video-Live Concert:
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Herewith a little bit 'bout the band's background and the curriculum of the Magic.
This all boils down to the year 1999, when in September Natalie Terekhova got acquainted with Alik Sikorsky, Moscow's rock legend of the 70s/80s (the groups ATNLANTS, OLD GUARD and HELICOPTER's DEBRIS) while convincing him to offer some real support with her idea to put up an all-female group. All she had then was the girls line-up ready to play with nothing to start with as far as concrete repertory is concerned.

Alik invited Natalie to his place, took out a handful of compact disks and offer to choose something from that, which she liked the most. Natalie vehemently rejected everything like Spice Girls and Brittany Spears or the Backstreet Boys. Alik looked at her with amazement "This is the peak of the day! When we were in the 80s, we did what was the top standard by then, so you have to play the stuff that is popular now, uh!", he said. "There's no point discussing it like that!", she pronounced, because throughout her life she was into the heavy metal rather than anything else, so it stopped there. The time went by and Alik was desperately trying to offer some up-to-date stuff, but to no avail.

Then he decided to brag about the stuff that his band Old Guard had been playing and produced from some other drawer a special choice of music! A different sort of music was to be found on those extra handful of CDs! Those were The Creedence Clearwater Revival, Paul McCartney, Eric Clapton, Status Quo and other… Natalie screamed "Asset! That's really it!" Alik went "What?" and she proclaimed "That's the stuff we wanna play!!!" Alik went "But gees, this is the selection we play! You can't love it, that's something we listened to when we were young, yours music is supposed to be different, you know! How can you dig it, it's old and made for us only", but Natalie was so furious 'bout so much time wasted while listening to that amount of musical crap instead of applying directly to the right stuff hidden in that particular CD box.

That guy should've had picked up the right music box right away! This is how a new group was heading towards its emerging kick off point. On arriving back home Natalie called Sophie Yourchenko and Natalie Malishevskaya thus making a statement: "The project we were talking about has kicked off today, girls!!!"
This is where you listen to the recorded MAGIC stuff in МР3 format and Video-Live Concert:
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